Microtouch Titanium Max

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All-in-one personal trimmer for nose, ears, neck

Trims hair anywhere with micro-precision

German stainless steel

Ergonomic design with non-slip grip

Built-in LED light

50% more power than the previous version

Perfect to use on the go




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New and improved all-in-one personal trimmer

Microtouch Titanium Max gives you total control of your grooming and trimming in those awkward, hard-to-get-to areas like nose hair, ear hair and neck hair- or anywhere you want to trim as close as a razor but without the need for water or the fear of cuts, nicks and bumps from scissors and wet shavers. The German-engineered, stainless-steel blade and built-in LED light let you see and access every annoying hair, no matter where it is or how inaccessible it may seem. No hair is left untrimmed thanks to the micro-precision blades, and no shadow can hide stray hairs or hard-to-see neck hairs. The LED light shows up every pore, follicle, and bit of stubble.

All-in-one personal trimmer for nose, ears, neck

We all must be close-up clean, and smooth in a world filled with selfies, photos and bright lighting. Nose hairs, ear hairs and neck hairs are the classic problem areas for personal grooming because they’re hard to see, reach and control without all potential hazards like scissor cuts and razor nicks. Microtouch Titanium Max is designed to be the perfect trimmer. The thin, elongated, angled cutting head will easily and safely fit into any area where hairs can grow and get right to the root of them, leaving you razor-smooth. PLUS, the old issue of visibility has been solved! Forget relying on overhead bathroom lighting that can’t illuminate those shaded areas like nostrils and ears. Microtouch Titanium Max has a built-in LED light to show up every hair in absolute clarity, so you never miss any!

German stainless steel

To provide such a clean, precise cutting experience, Microtouch Titanium Max has been equipped with state-of-the-art German-engineered micro-precision blades and cutting technology to guarantee a clean, consistent cut year after year, without quickly going blunt as many inferior blade edges can. The last thing you need is a nose or ear hair being painfully snagged and pulled on a blunt blade, so Microtouch Titanium Max ensures you’re cutting with the best micro-precision blade every time!

50% more power than the previous version

Microtouch Max has been the go-to precision trimmer for many men worldwide for years, but Microtouch Titanium Max has been improved to provide 50% more power without the need to boost energy use. With the new and improved engineering and design, you can get so much more trimming and cutting out of your Microtouch Titanium Max than ever!



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