Gourmet Chef Tokebi Cordless Hand Blender

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Product Detail

✓ Cordless Hand Blender - No messy cables

✓ Easy to assemble         

✓ 5 Speed settings        

✓ Powerful - 12,500 RPM        

✓ Easy to clean         

✓ Portable - Mobility at its finest         

✓ 5-Speeds selection        

✓ Easy and Convenient to Use     





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Ever wanted to prepare food, but you only have limited power sockets at home? 

Imagine the freedom of preparing your food without the hassle of cables. Without cables, you don’t have to worry about plugging the blender into any socket. 


Using Korean technology and stainless steel, processing any food- even hot food is safe. The charging process is also fast. 


Tokebi Hand Blender is a powerful and portable blender designed to make anything, wherever you are. Whether on your kitchen countertop or elsewhere at home, it still works! 


Apart from being cordless, our secret weapon lies in the speed! Tokebi Hand Blender blasts its ingredients at a speed of up to 12,500 RPM, resulting in a dramatically better blending. With its 5-speed settings, you can beat any egg in 5 different Tokebi styles.


Measurement markings on the jar make it easy, so you don’t have to use an additional measuring cup. With a capacity of 500ml, it holds more capacity than other blenders on average. 


Tokebi Hand Blender makes high-quality beverages, dressings, sauces and more. Ignite your creativity as you can explore different recipes and execute them! 


You can blend your favourite drinks or food items wherever you want. 


Product Specification

Made in China    

Product Weight: 1.8kg

Product Dimensions: 45.4cm (Height) x 6.3cm (Length) x 5.4cm (Width)

Speed: 5 Level                                

RRP: 12,500 RPM            

Battery: 11.1V 2000mah Li-Ion 3 cells / 2000mAh            

Power Consumption: 200W                

Input:100-240V~50/60Hz 0.4A            

Output: 5V, 2.0A    


- Stainless Steel Body                

- Titanium Coated S Wide Blade            

- Plastic            


How to use

1. Press the power button, then release the button to unlock for activation(the LED on the top of the main body will be turned on) while holding the main body, please.

2. Press the power button once again to activate it.

3. The rotational velocity is controlled by the pressure level on the power button(the LED indicates the current rate). If the button is lightly pressed, it will start at level one; the speed level will increase when it is pressed at higher pressure(five levels). 

4. Release the power button to stop the operation. The appliance is still in an unlocked state if the product's upper LED is on. The LED will be turned off soon, which indicates power.


How to charge 

Plug the charger into a power outlet, then insert the charging cable into the rear charging socket on the top of the appliance to charge the main body.


The battery in the Hand Blender is not released at 100% state of charge.

- Charge the battery until the battery indicator turns to white before use.

- It depends, but the fully charged Hand Blender can be up and running for about 20 minutes.

- About 3.5 hours are required for the 100% charged Hand Blender.

- Do not leave the uncharged hand blender unattended for an extended period.

- The appliance does not work while the battery is being charged.




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