Gourmet Chef Everyday Wok 32cm

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✓ Europe food grade ILAG Swiss Technology uses a more environmentally friendly green coating.

✓ 3-layer ceramic reinforced coating gives a non-stick effect, scratch resistant & abrasion resistant.

✓ Colour-changing silicone temperature sensor helps to control cooking temperature.

✓ Fast thermal conductivity

✓ Transparent glass lid allows monitoring of the cooking process 

✓ Silicone rim & air valve on the lid help to reduce water & nutrition loss and also help to cook food faster.

✓ Detachable handle for space-saving and easy storage

✓ Suitable for gas stove & induction hob



1 x Everyday Wok 32cm

1 x Tempered Glass Lid with Silicone Rim & Valve

1 x Lid Handle

1 x Detachable Handle

1 x Steam Tray (FREE)




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Have you ever faced a situation whereby you pour in all cooking ingredients while your wok still needs to heat up? Difficult to control cooking temperature when stirfry, pan fry & deep fry, resulting in unpalatable food? The Gourmet Chef Everyday Wok is a revolutionary non-stick wok equipped with a temperature sensor that enables precise temperature control, allowing you to achieve optimal cooking results. The wok's side silicone handles change colour to indicate the wok has been heated up, ensuring that you pour the ingredients into the wok at the right time. 


The Gourmet Chef Everyday Wok utilises ILAG non-stick green coating with environmentally conscious materials to ensure minimal ecological impact. It is typically free from harmful substances, making it a safer choice for your health and the environment. Besides, its non-stick surface prevents food from sticking to the wok's surface, enables effortless cooking and easy food release, reducing the need for excessive oil during the cooking process, and provides exceptional cooking performance while being environmentally friendly.


The transparent glass lid allows you to easily monitor the cooking process without lifting the lid. The lid is designed to stand upright on its own, which is useful when you need to temporarily remove it from the wok but don’t have to find a separate surface to place the lid on. The lid has a silicone rim around its edges, preventing heat from escaping, cooking food evenly and retaining its water, flavour & nutrition from food. The lid also includes an air valve on the top, allowing you to release steam, which is helpful for delicate dishes requiring precise cooking conditions.



Made in China

Wok Weight (with detachable handle): 1.39kg

Steam Tray Weight: 0.46kg

Lid Weight: 1.06kg

Inner Diameter: 32cm

Outer Diameter: 34.1cm

Bottom Diameter: 17.4cm

Wok Thickness: 0.2cm

Wok Rim thickness: 1.22cm

Wok Height: 11.1cm



1. DO NOT use sharp or metal utensils when stirring or serving food to avoid damaging the non-stick surface of the wok.

2. How to clean: Pour water and heat the wok. Use a silicone or wooden spatula to remove food stains before wiping them off with a kitchen towel. You may also use a sponge on the surface of the wok



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